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App Review - Mushroom Wars

Game developers Creat Studios must think they’re fun guys after creating what seems to be an enjoyable game.

You can’t but love Mushroom Wars, from the quirky and cute art designs, to the sense of power as you command hundreds of Fungi soldiers, ready to give up their lives to a fun cause (sorry for the puns).

However, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and Mushroom Wars unfortunately isn’t as infective as it aims to be.

The game struggles to stay afloat with confusing gameplay and a level of difficulty that make it not as fun as it promise to be.

Typical to strategy games you command an army, this time small band of mushrooms fighting against other fungi.

Your main goal is to take over mushroom villages while upgrading your army so you can increase their population. Or that’s what I guess the game is about.

The problem is that the game doesn’t really explain what you’re meant to be doing, it simply assumes from the start you know. This causes the game to have a high learning curve.

You’ll keep having to repeating a level many times before luck strikes. Either you’ll keep stubbornly attempting at crushing your enemy, or you’ll simply give up; most like the later.

The game tries to be simple, but that simplicity make this game a confusing and unintelligible mess.

Mushroom Wars also features an online multiplayer mode, were you face off against other players around the world.

Although this part of the game is more enjoyable than the main campaign, sometimes you will have to wait for what seems like an eternity trying to connect to the server.

Overall, for a game that boast high promises, it doesn’t quite deliver.

Rating: 2/5