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App Review - Scramble With Friends

Now, we all love a word game, and sometimes I do get a little bored with Scrabble (shock!), so it’s nice to have a break and play some other word games.

Scramble is a great alternative!

Scramble is just Boggle or at least the basic rules of Boggle, anyway.

Make words using the 16 tiles provided and each letter has to be next to the previous letter within the word. Easy as.

On iPhone it’s super easy to use. You can either tap the letters to make a word or slide your finger over adjacent letters to form words – forwards, backwards, sideways.

You can login via Facebook and face off with your friends who also have Scramble (or invite them to play and get coins- woo!), or play with a random opponent. There are three two-minute rounds and the player with the highest score wins.

Are there any features or can I just go play Boggle? I hear you ask. Of course there are features!

You can get power ups, three per game. Your first power up is free, the second will cost you one coin and the third three coins.

Freeze time, get some hints, shuffle the letters, and get an edge on your competitor! They are pretty much “cheats”, but if the person you are playing is using them, you’ll need to use them too.

You only need iOS 4 or later, and you’ll need wifi or data to play.

It’s really fun, it’s addictive, and you’ll get annoyed waiting for the other person to have their turn. Lucky you can play more than one game at a time!

Plus, you’re developing your vocabulary, which is good for society, so get Scramble today!