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App Review: Wikiweb

Ok, I’ll admit it. All through uni I totally used Wikipedia as a valid research tool.

And even now I will still use the argument “but that’s what it says on Wikipedia” and believe everything Wikipedia tells me, because why wouldn’t I? Don’t judge me.

Wikipedia has become such a thing that, like the terms “I’ll Google it” or “I’ll Facebook you”, it has become a verb – “I’ll Wiki it”.

So I bet you can imagine how happy I am that there is Wikiweb – pretty much Wikipedia styled perfectly for your iPhone or iPad. Hooray!

The best thing about Wikipedia is when you get on a links spree.

You know, when you start reading one article about one thing and somehow end up on a new article about something totally different that has absolutely nothing to do with the original thing you were reading (may favourite way to waste the last half hour before 5pm).

Now you can do all that and more right on your phone. Not everyone likes playing games or reading the paper while on the bus, or in the loo, so Wikipedia is a great tool to kill some time and learn a few things too.

Ok, so what are the features? Well, there’s the share function. I find this kind of cool. If you’re reading an article you like you can email it to a friend, post it on Facebook, all the normal stuff.

What a great way to win an argument via technology. Boom. The articles are in a nice, easy-to-read font, and the images are clear and look nice on screen.

The whole app is actually quite well designed; it looks good, it’s easy to use, and it does what it is supposed to. Oh and it’s free, of course. You’ll just need iOS 5 or later.

So put down Angry Birds or whatever it is you kids are playing these days, and get Wikipediaing.