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Apple among Hulu tyre-kickers

Debate is swirling about a possible acquisition of media streaming service Hulu by tech giant Apple.

Apple is reportedly among the companies that have taken a look at Hulu’s books since its board started fishing for offers a few weeks ago.

Commentators point out that Hulu’s estimated US$2 billion value wouldn’t dent Apple’s $76 billion cash pile, and the acquisition would complement the iTunes brand and help Apple compete with Netflix. 

However, Apple is also fiercely committed to its own brands, and Hulu’s ad-based model is thought to be incongruent with Apple’s modus operandi.

Operative in America only, Hulu is owned by a trio of media companies, Disney – of which Apple’s Steve Jobs is a board member and shareholder – NBC International and News Corp, along with investment firm Providence Equity Partners.

In the end, the decision on the purchase may come down to price – or the desire to keep Hulu away from competitors such as Google.

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