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Apple announces new iPod models, iTunes 9

10 Sep 2009

Perhaps the biggest announcement was that a new iPod Nano will launch soon from $NZ259 for an 8GB model and a 16GB model for $NZ318. The new model will include a video camera (at 640 x 480 resolution), an FM radio tuner and a built-in pedometer. Existing iPods will receive a price cut, and models with larger hard drives will be added to the range. A new model in the iPod Classic range will boast a 160GB hard drive at the price of NZ$429. Similarly, the iPod Touch gains two new models: one at 32GB ($NZ519) and another at 64GB ($NZ699). The existing 8GB model will see a price reduction to $NZ199.

Most of Jobs’ other major announcements related to Apple’s iTunes service. Chief among these was the introduction of iTunes 9. Amongst other new features for the latest version of the software is an ‘LP’ format, enabling users to download full-length albums complete with album art, liner notes, additional photos and videos. iTunes 9 will also allow up to five computers to share their music libraries over a home network. The new version will include an upgraded ‘Genius’ playlist service, which recommends music based on your own library by revealing similar music from a database of over 54 million songs.

Jobs also announced Facebook and Twitter integration for iTunes. Essentially, this will allow users of the social-networking services to broadcast their musical wish-lists in the hope that friends might gift them with the music straight from the store.