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Apple boss slams Google, Adobe

03 Feb 2010

At a recent company-wide Apple meeting, CEO Steve Jobs railed against Google and Adobe, calling Flash “buggy” and proclaiming that Google wants to “kill the iPhone”. 

Jobs normally holds company meetings after big announcements, which makes it fitting that after the iPad reveal he didn’t hold back on his opinions about Adobe and Google. 

According to an Apple employee who spoke to Wired, Jobs declared that iPhones and iPads don’t support Adobe Flash because it is “buggy” and claimed that the majority of Macs that crash do so because of Flash. He called Adobe lazy and said that HTML5 is the way of the future. 

Jobs also lashed out at Google, saying, “We did not enter the search business. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake: they want to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them.” The quotes are paraphrased as no quotes from the meeting were confirmed, but several employees vouch for Jobs making a similar statement. 

He also called Google out on its ‘don’t be evil’ mantra, calling it “a load of crap”. 

In fitting with this new rivalry, TechCrunch reported that Google has finally introduced multi-touch functions for certain Google apps on the Nexus One, Google’s flagship smartphone. The site reports that the company held back from using multi-touch previously as it had a gentleman’s agreement with Apple, but due to the heated rivalry it has introduced touch functions, including the pinch-and-zoom function made popular on iPhones. 

As the companies continue to dish out blows, a Chrome OS tablet mock-up and photos have popped up, with a multi-touch userface very similar to Apple’s brand new iPad.