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Apple celebrates Decade of iTunes

26 Apr 2013

To celebrate 10 years of iTunes, Apple has released a compilation of 100 songs representing key historical milestones.

After launching the iTunes Music Store on April 28, 2003, the tech giant owned a catalogue of just 200,000 songs - priced at 99 cents each.

The top-selling song that day was U2's 'Stuck in a Moment', with over one million songs sold in the first week.

Fast forward a decade and the Store has sold over 25 billion songs worldwide, as customers from around the globe continue their love affair with digital music.

"When Apple introduced the iTunes Store on April 28, 2003, we thought if consumers had a great, legal way to download music they would embrace it -- did they ever," says Eddy Cue, iTunes chief, Apple.

"Apple was floored, as were the labels, when customers bought over 1 million songs during the first week.

"And now, 10 years later, we continue to be amazed by how much customers love the iTunes Store, with more than 25 billion songs sold."

Going from strength to strength, iTunes currently accounts for 63% of paid music downloads during the last quarter of 2012 - well ahead of nearest rival AmazonMP3 at 22%.

Introducing 'A Decade of iTunes', Apple have started the party early, and is inviting users to join in the celebrations.

"Apple loves music and strives to provide customers with the most innovative features and services on iTunes," Cue says.

"We are all very proud of having such an incredible selection of legendary musicians on the iTunes Store and take great pride in exposing music fans to new and emerging artists.

"We've put together a compilation of 100 songs that represents milestones throughout the history of iTunes and shows just how far we've come.

"I'd like to thank our customers, label partners, and artists for being part of such an incredible decade."

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