FutureFive NZ - Apple closes one security hole, opens another

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Apple closes one security hole, opens another

Yesterday’s update of iOS 6.1.3 promised the fix to stop unauthorised access to the iPhone via the locked screen.

However a new security flaw has been found, one that could be even more damaging. According to a Youtube video below, the new flaw allows calls to be made without the unlocking of the iPhone.

It can also create new contacts and have access to photos stored on the phone. As reported on Redmond Pie, gaining access to the iPhone is as simple as using the phone’s voice calling feature and popping the sim out at the right moment.

Causing the call to fail and gaining access to iOS phone app. Allowing access to edit and add contacts, again allowing access to the photos too. However there is a work around.

This flaw is only open if Siri is disabled and Voice Control is activated. Either activate Siri or disable Voice Control from the lock screen feature under Settings -> General -> Passcode.

The video of the flaw can be seen here:

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