Apple discontinues Xserve

08 Nov 10

Apple has said it will discontinue its top of the line rack-mounted server after January 31st, 2011.

In a document posted on its website, the firm explained, “Apple is transitioning away from Xserve.

“Xserve will be available for order through January 31, 2011. After that date, customers looking to upgrade, replace, or supplement existing Xserve systems with new Apple hardware have the following two server solutions to choose from.”

Those two options are Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server and Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server.

Apple says it will honour and support all Xserve system warranties and extended support programs.

“Apple intends to offer the current shipping 160GB, 1TB, and 2TB Apple Drive Modules for Xserve3 through the end of 2011 or while supplies last. Apple will continue to support Xserve customers with service parts for warranty and out-of-warranty service,” the company added.

Things to note:

  • Apple will not be developing a future version of Xserve

  • Orders for Xserve will be accepted through January 31st, 2011

  • Apple will honour all Xserve warranties and extended support programs

  • Transition options to deploy Mac OS X Server include Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server and Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server

Read Apple’s transition guide here.

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