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Apple heads in new direction

With 2013 less than a few weeks old, industry experts are predicting Apple to be heading into a new direction.

CNBC journalist and blogger Herb Greenberg believes the tech giant's new product releases are having a hard time "technologically leapfrogging each other," essentially making the company a victim of their own success.

On the eve of their financial results for Q1 2013, set for release on January 23, media interest in the Silicon Valley firm has reached fever pitch.

Whether it is speculation regarding order cutbacks, new releases or a new company direction, Apple once again finds themselves at the forefront of news in the technology world.

"The new reality for Apple is that its products are having a hard time technologically leapfrogging each other," Greenberg says.

"Mac. PC. iPhone. Android. Windows. iOS. Chrome. It’s almost as if (short of just clicking them on and they work like a TV -- without freezing or other glitches) they have reached a point that they are as good as they are going to get.

"As good as the iPhone is, the average consumer always wants something new and better.

"They don’t just want the same car after three years. It had better look different or have better features inside. It’s human nature.

"Phones and computers are at that point now. And what’s hot, especially with teens and 20-somethings/trendsetters, can go old -- no matter how good it is.

"Apple’s saving grace is that it has created an eco-system of iMessage, music and photos that some people may be loathe to give up.

"Personally, I believe we’re at a point that phone and computers are reaching the point of flat-screen TVs and old landline phones: Appliances that, for all but early adopters, we will increasingly keep longer than we used to.

"The moral of the story for Apple: As great as it may be, it’s still merely mortal."

For more information on Herb Greenberg's Apple views, click here

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