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Apple manager accused of taking bribes

16 Aug 2010

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that Paul Shin Devine, an Apple Global Supply Manager, is being accused of taking more than US$1 million in kickbacks from Asian suppliers.

The bribes were said to be taken in return for top secret information that led to them winning lucrative contracts from Apple.

Court papers have revealed that Devine is currently being held by the US Marshals Service and due to appear in court early this week.

Apparently Devine used foreign and domestic bank accounts and a front company to receive the payments from Asian companies. The paper said that code words, such as “sample,” were used to refer to the payments to avoid suspicion of other Apple employees.

Apple is also reported to have filed a civil suit against Devine as it has “zero tolerance for dishonest behaviour inside or outside the company,” Apple Spokesman Steve Dowling said in a statement to the paper.