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Apple questions Samsung royalty rates

The fight for smartphone supremacy continues with Apple accusing Samsung of unfair patent royalty rates, prolonging their ongoing feud before their date in court next week.

Fresh from lodging its $2.53 billion lawsuit over alleged patent infringements by the South Korean company, Apple says their closest rivals seek far higher rates than they pay to other companies.

Samsung deny the claims stating their royalty demands are consistent with industry norms as each side refuses to back down over their smartphone designs.

The battle between the world’s largest consumer electronics corporations stems from an Apple lawsuit accusing Samsung of design breaches of their iPad and iPhone products.

After waging war across all ends of the globe, each company has won minor victories with Apple finding success in Germany and potentially the EU, while Samsung won the Battle of Britain.

Despite efforts to encourage an out of court settlement, both look set to meet before a judge with the trial scheduled to commence in a federal court on July 30 in San Jose, California.

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