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Apple to launch mobile advertising platform

In another blow to Google, Apple is rumoured to announce a new mobile ad platform in the coming weeks. 

Potentially named iAd, MediaPost reported that the company allegedly has plans to announce the mobile platform on April 7th, four days after the iPad hits stores in the US. 

Apple acquired mobile ad firm Quattro Wireless early this year, and it’s thought that the platform would be based heavily on the company’s technology. 

While little is known about how the iAd platform would work, it would deliver personalised ads and Apple is said to be planning to unveil the platform to major advertising executives for its launch. 

Rumours have been swirling that this could be Apple’s move into geolocation advertising, but the company has rejected similar targeted ads in the past and is unlikely to delve into GPS targeting soon. 

Electronista reported that iAd isn’t expected to be the exclusive advertising method for future iPhone apps, and that Apple has recently been implementing a formal software development kit (SDK) that would allow developers a way to insert ads into their content. 

Ads have long been Google’s stronghold, and this move by Apple could escalate the growing rivalry between the two companies. The announcement would be a significant blow to Google, as it recently purchased mobile marketing company AdMob for a hefty price. 

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