Apple to make MobileMe free?

15 Feb 11

According to The Wall Street Jounal and its "people familiar with the matter" Apple is looking at revamping its MobileMe online storage service.

MobileMe (previously known as .Mac and iTools) is a subscription-based collection of online services and software that allow users to store data in the cloud, synchronise calendars and contacts among their computers and other devices.

A year’s subscription will currently set you back US$99.

Apple is said to be looking at making the service free, so that it would serve as a "locker" for photos, music and videos

This would eliminate the need for devices to carry a lot of memory said those people familiar with the situation.

A cloud-based version of iTunes has long been rumoured.

MobileMe and the new line of smaller iPhones are also said to be among the top priorities of Steve Jobs.

There are also reports doing the rounds that March 1st could be possible date for new MacBook Pros.

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