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The Apple Watch will replace your keys and health coach

03 Mar 15

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has said the Apple Watch will replace car keys, fuelling rumours that Apple will enter the automative industry in the coming years.

As reported in The Telegraph, Cook says the Apple Watch will work with car locks, charge faster than the iPhone and provide users with a range of targeted features.

General details about the product were already known, such as the fact it comes in three varieties, features phone and messaging capabilities, offers music storage and works with Apple Pay, however, in a recent interview with The Telegraph Cook revealed more about Apple’s new device.

He said, "This will be just like the iPhone: people wanted it and bought for a particular reason, perhaps for browsing, but then found out that they loved it for all sorts of other reasons."

One of the key special features is the fact that the watch can replace car keys and the 'clumsy fobs' that are currently used by many vehicles

This has given weight to the rumours that Apple is designing their own smart car and is planning to enter the automotive market.

Cook also said the watch will have a battery life that will last up to a day and won’t take as long to charge as an iPhone, thanks to what is known as ‘special magnet technology’ in the watch’s charger.

According to The Telegraph, Cook says the watch will help users improve their health with a heart rate monitor and a 'gentle tap' reminder to get up and move around, as well as operating a rewards system to encourage individuals to meet their metabolic targets.

Users will be able to personalise their device, and Cook says he expects there to be an ‘explosion’ of new apps for the Apple Watch.

As a watch, he says the device was ‘designed and engineered to be a great time-keeper’ and will be correct to 50 milliseconds.

The Apple Watch is expected to formally be revealed at an event scheduled for March 9 and will officially go on sale in April. Apple has reportedly asked its Asian suppliers to make 5-6 million units of its three Apple Watch models for the first quarter.