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Apple: We're out of iPads

Apple has admitted all of the next-generation iPads that were available for pre-order in the US have been purchased, meaning potential owners will have to brave the crowds if they want to buy one.

The new iPad goes on sale on Friday March 16, and devices purchased when they first went on pre-order should still arrive by then. However, devices ordered now won’t arrive until Monday, March 19, costing the buyer a whole weekend of gadget rapture.

In a statement to US media, Apple said customer response has been ‘off the charts’.

Of course, cynics will say this is a repeat performance of the iPad 2 launch, and a deliberate bid to drum up excitement. However, the wait time for the iPad 2 eventually ballooned to over one month, which is definitely pushing excitement more towards annoyance.

Apple is also outdoing itself with this latest tablet launch – while the iPad 2 initially launched in the US alone, then in 25 other countries two weeks later, the new iPad will launch in 11 countries at once, then in 25 more just one week later.


Is this yet another ruse to drum up excitement, or has Apple really underestimated demand? Or is there another option altogether – Apple’s suppliers simply can’t make enough iPads for all the people who want to buy them? Post your comments below. 

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