08 Aug 2013
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AppleCare chat support set for 24/7 launch

Apple is set to significantly improve its AppleCare services with round-the-clock support, a scheme which could be launched as early as next week.

Reports coming from 9to5Mac claims the Cupertino firm will introduce 24/7 support via online chat, with a "target date" of August 12 a possibility.

The site did report however that the date could be pushed back, but nonetheless, plans for a revamp look set in stone.

"The 24/7 chat support will likely be applicable for both Mac and iOS Device users," 9to5Mac reports.

"As Apple’s iPad and iPhone hardware competition increases from companies such as Samsung, Apple will need to utilize its unique customer support prowess as a differentiating factor in the marketplace. 24/7 chat support via an easy-to-understand medium could assist in this.

"If the 24/7 web chat support offering is successful, a similar program for phone support could be considered for the future."

The company are also in the final stages of redesigning the AppleCare website, with 9to5Mac reporting:

"To complement the new 24/7 chat support, Apple is putting the finishing touches on a redesigned AppleCare website that the company tells employees is designed to gel with Apple’s new iOS Device customers."

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