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Apple’s social media policies

01 Dec 2011

With many businesses now enacting social media policies, it should come as no surprise that the fiercely protective Apple has its own set of guidelines, and enforces them with extreme prejudice. Even so, one employee at an Apple store in the UK was apparently caught off guard when he was fired for posting angry updates about his iPhone – which he referred to as his ‘Jesusphone’ – and other aspects of Apple on Facebook. As reported by Forbes, the employee, Samuel Crisp, appealed his dismissal at a UK employment tribunal, arguing that the statements were meant to be private, but a friend had passed them on to his store manager. The tribunal rejected Crisp’s appeal, saying the posts could have been forwarded very easily, with Crisp having no control over this process. In response to Crisp’s sacking, 9to5Mac posted Apple’s predictably strict social media policy, revealing that the company makes it very clear to employees that ‘the lines between public and private, and personal and professional are blurred in online social networks’. "Be thoughtful about how you present yourself in online social networks,” the policy reads. "Remember there may be consequences to what you post or publish online, including discipline if you engage in conduct that Apple deems inappropriate or violates any Apple policies.” Apple employees are also told not to comment on Apple-related websites, not to speculate on rumours, and if they have their own personal websites, to make sure they don’t discuss Apple in any way.