27 Oct 2011
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Angry Birds Gaming

Are you the 'typical gamer'?

New platforms like social media and mobile devices are bringing more and more people into the world of computer gaming, with the average kiwi gamer now 33 years old, and 47% of kiwi gamers female, according to a new study.

The Digital New Zealand 2012 report, the second in a series published by Australia’s Bond University, found social games like FarmVille and mobile games like Angry Birds are broadening the market for computer games.

Report author Jeff Brand says mobile games in particular have seen an ‘explosion’ since the first Digital New Zealand report, published in 2010.

"Over the last year, we’ve seen a growing pattern of ‘snack gaming’,” Brand says, "with more kiwis using their smartphones and tablet computers to play video games.

"When people are travelling to work or trying to fill in that little bit of time between appointments they’re turning on their mobile devices to ‘snack’ on a video game.”

The report is based on a national survey of 846 households – incorporating 2428 people – conducted in July 2011.

Nine out of ten households own a device for playing games, the report says. Of those, 51% own a traditional game console.

Nearly four in five parents with children aged 18 and under play computer games, and 92% of those say they use games to educate their children.

While 37% of gamers still purchase games from local retailers, 24% purchased their games from a download store such as the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, and 14% purchased games from other online stores. One in four gamers stated that they would be either ‘motivated’ or ‘very motivated’ to sign up to a faster broadband service for game downloads and online play.

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