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ATV Offroad Fury Pro – PSP

ATV has been one of Sony’s go to racing titles on the PlayStation 2 for donkey’s years, and that’s a long time. It fills a need in the racing genre that, while not appealing to the masses, is successful enough to devote an entire franchise to. And ATV Fury Pro on the PSP might just be the most accessible of the series yet.

What makes the game so successful is the variety and point of difference of racing modes and vehicles now included in the game. Stunningly for a UMD title, ATV Off-road Fury Pro now contains not only off-road buggies and bikes but trucks, snowmobiles and more. This expansion of the racing roster adds a great deal of replayability to the title and ensures that it gets out of the blocks brilliantly.

Like any sequel there’s also a ton more tracks and features to get both the hardcore and the novice excited. The best new feature has to be the track editor which adds a whole new extension to the lifespan of the title and is something that will provide a seemingly endless amount of tracks to be built and raced on, extending the life of ATV Fury Pro to eternity.

Add to this an extensive championship mode, with dozens of tracks and races to compete in and ATV Fury Pro is one of the best value racing titles on the PSP. It’s not all roses though, the PSP can certainly handle better graphics, look at Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core and compare, and the AI can be slightly down at times, but it is a remarkable achievement to include so much on one UMD.

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