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Australian public think internet speeds are pathetic

Internet service provider MyRepublic is staking their claim in Australia’s internet marketplace by creating a competition that will see one town be upgraded to Australia’s first Gigatown, giving consumers and small businesses access to Ultra-Fast internet.

According to Nicholas Demos, managing director at MyRepublic Australia, they have made great strides in signing customers to Ultra-Fast internet, but want to continue raising awareness for ultra-fast internet using the Gigatown competition.

In the past, MyRepublic has played a large role in delivering affordable Ultra-Fast speeds in both Singapore and New Zealand, by successfully lobbying for lower connection prices in both countries.

In Singapore, over 95% of all new connections choose Ultra-Fast internet and in New Zealand 50% ordering a MyRepublic service select the Ultra-Fast plan.

MyRepublic is subsidising the cost of the winning Gigatown to demonstrate the benefits of Ultra-Fast internet for every day consumers, and to prove that Australians do actually want access to premium fibre products if the price is fair.

Entries to the Gigatown compeition are open until the 31st of May 017, and anyone can enter the Gigatown competition. On top of the winning town receiving a massive boost to their internet speed, there are also prizes for two individual winners. One pack includes a Playstation 4 Pro and Playstation VR, the other includes a Sony 49 inch 4k HDR TV and a Sony home cinema sound system.

For existing MyRepublic customers in the Gigatown, the company will offer free speed upgrades for a year. After that, MyRepublic will open Gigatown up to new customers at what they believe to be a fair price.

The results of a February petition helped to drive the push for affordable Ultra-Fast internet. A MyRepublic representative says “we’ve had an outstanding response to the petition with over 6,000 individuals having signed and expressed how they feel about current internet speeds”.

Some of the petition responses spoke on the state of Australian internet speeds.

One response said “Australian internet speeds are a disgrace. We deserve better for our hospitals, our medical professionals, our scientists, and our education system. We are a large country where travelling is problematic.

“I have been to NZ recently and they have far faster internet than Australia. I’m tired of paying so much for so little in this country,” said another.

Australia is ranked number 51 in the world for internet speeds, behind Kenya, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

If you wish to sign the petition or enter the Gigatown competition (Australian only), visit MyRepublic.

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