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Bad timing Microsoft takes aim at iPad

22 Jul 13

A whopping US$900m hit on Surface RT sales hasn't stopped Microsoft from launching an "Surface vs. iPad" advert, in what many are calling a case of severe bad timing.

Whether it be an act of brawn or brains, fresh from revealing poor Q4 financials, the Redmond firm is taking aim at rivals Apple, when it should be taking cover.

But despite Microsoft's poor results, the company has taken the embarrassment with a pinch of salt, in a desperate attempt to shift remaining stock no doubt.

Opening the 30-second advert with a "Oh no, here we go again" voiceover, one would presume Microsoft's PR and Financial teams have never met or even spoken, with the world now watching an ill-timed advert bordering on humiliating.

"Oh dear, I need a little help here," followed, as did the jokes from many media outlets - branding the whole idea disastrous at best.

Microsoft, which recently lowered the cost of all its Surface devices, was unsurprisingly put under the hammer by the ever eager to offend gang of YouTube comment posters.

Keeping it clean however, Stoutie21 summed up the advert perfectly, posting: "That awkward moment when you watched the video on your iPad."

CarpSafari also chipped in with a "If it's so great why is Microsoft taking a $900 million loss?" - a question everybody is asking about now…

Check out the video below:

Is this a severe case of bad timing from Microsoft? Should they be embarrassed? Tell us your thoughts below