27 Oct 2011
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Banking blockade stumps WikiLeaks

A blockade by online payment facilitators including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal has strangled the finances of document publishing site WikiLeaks to the point where the people behind it are downing tools to concentrate on fundraising.

WikiLeaks has been running on cash reserves since the blockade began in December last year. A post on the site says the blockade has cut 95% of its donation revenue.

MasterCard has stated that its rules prohibit customers from engaging in or facilitating action that is illegal. WikiLeaks says the blockade is part of a political attack.

"For almost a year we have been fighting an unlawful financial blockade,” the latest update reads.

"We cannot allow giant US finance companies to decide how the world votes with its pocket. Our battles are costly. We need your support to fight back. Please donate now.”

A list of alternative payment methods can be found here.

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