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Beat the bulge with Nintendo...

Ever wanted to try and shed those extra kilos but didn’t fancy going outside or to the gym? Well now you don’t have to and can give it a go for free, without leaving your living room.

Nintendo is offering Wii U owners a chance to download a 31 day trial version of Wii Fit U for free.

Starting on 2 November, Wii U owners can download a complete trial version of the title and get a head start on their summer fitness goals by trying out all of the activities found in the game, at no cost.

All you will need is a Wii Balance Board, a Wii U system and access to the internet. If you are a serious fitness fanatic you can unlock the time restrictions by simply synching a Fit Meter, available to purchase separately.

The 31 day trial is available between 2 November 2013 and 31 January 2014 from the Nintendo eShop, and will work for 31 days after first use.

The aim is for users to try the 77 different activities, including 19 new training activities to help achieve their personal exercise goals.

It contains many of the strength training, yoga and fun fitness games that made the original Wii Fit series so popular. With the use of the new Wii U gamepad and the Balance Board it is able to add extra workouts such as hip-hop dance routines and Salsa dancing.

Users can also create or join a Miiverse Gym Community to get tips or share your own advice and workout routines with other users.

If you would like to take it one step further you can purchase the Fit Meter from 2 November for $39.95.
Nintendo promise that the Fit Metre is much more than just a pedometer. It’s an activity meter that tracks a wide range of everyday activities.

It not only records the number of steps a user has taken, but it also takes into account the intensity of the workout – were you running or walking?

It also measures altitude, so you will get credit for climbing stairs or walking uphill. The title now incorporates Google Maps for added accuracy of your exercise routes.

So all of these data measurements will give you an accurate reading of your exercise routine and also includes calories burned. This info is then transferred wirelessly to Wii Fit U via the gamepad.

Who said you couldn’t work-out without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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