FutureFive NZ - Behind the scenes with Microsoft's new Surface tablets

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Behind the scenes with Microsoft's new Surface tablets

Billed as a "year smarter", Microsoft revealed two new additions to the Surface family of tablets this week - introducing the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

With both tablets each benefiting from significant updates, Redmond has been quick to showcase the latest releases to the world.

“We’ve definitely gotten a year smarter,” said Brian Hall, general manager of sales and marketing, Surface earlier this week.

And it was Hall who offered the inside scoop on the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, when speaking at the launch of the next generation devices in New York.

Some of the improvements that Hall talks about include how the Surface Pro 2 has 75 percent more battery life, a new docking station that converts it to a powerful workstation and a kickstand that you can use on your lap.

The Surface 2, Hall explains, is a “complete revamp” of Microsoft’s first tablet, which debuted a year ago. It has a better camera, the new kickstand and the same HD screen as the Pro 2.

Check out the video below:

NZ Pricing:

Surface2 32gb $649

Surface2 64gb $799

Surface Pro2 128gb $1449

Surface Pro2 256gb $1879

Touch Cover 2 $184.99

Type Cover 2 $199.99

Arc Touch Mouse ‘Surface Edition’ $104.99

Car charger Accessory $79.99

Surface Pro Dock (backwards compat.) $309.99

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