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BenQ X-Touch 805 Wireless Desktop

This shell-shape remarkably thin and stylishly designed multimedia keyboard is partnered with a streamline wireless optical mouse. The sleek keyboard is built with an unique BenQ X-Touch Keycap scissors structure, which despite being crazy marketing jargon actually makes the keys sturdy and long lasting. Although the devices are physically light (especially the mouse), they still feel sturdy and reliable in use. This same X-Touch Keycap technology also makes typing whisper quiet and comfortable. The keyboard offers 4 self-adjustable typing positions and contains a plethora of hotkey functions for internet and multimedia applications. The nifty volume control slider is also handy and despite the wireless aspect – is still very responsive.
With these on the market -  you can say good bye to those conventional looking noisy keyboards and spoil your self with this luxurious typing experience in style!

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