02 Oct 2009
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Apple FileMaker Database management systems

Bento 3 for Mac out now

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FileMaker, Inc. has just released Bento 3, the latest version of the popular personal database for the Mac.

For the first time, Bento 3 integrates with iPhoto from Apple, allowing users to store more info about their photos and link them to contacts, projects, events and other information stored in Bento.

Share and share alike securely with up to five users

Bento 3 also delivers new ways to share information with other Bento users. Just like sharing iTunes and iPhotos over a local area network (LAN) using Apple’s Bonjour technology, Bento libraries can be shared with up to five users over a wired or wireless local network. Encryption and password security are also included.

View information in ways never before possible using a database.

The new Grid view in Bento 3 delivers an innovative method of displaying thumbnails of photos, text and numeric-based information, while improved File Lists show image thumbnails, instead of just text.

Get started instantly

Bento 3 offers 35 pre-designed, ready-to-use templates, thanks to the addition of 10 more templates for popular uses, including wine collecting, job hunting, home searching, vacation planning and more. In addition, the recently launched Bento Template Exchange shows off hundreds of downloadable templates designed by Bento users.

Special limited time offers availableBento 3 has a suggested list price of $AU79 Inc GST, but, for a limited time only, FileMaker is offering a $AU25/$NZ30 rebate to existing users of Bento 1 and Bento 2. Qualified customers who purchase Bento 3 through the FileMaker Store will get an instant for Bento 3. Qualified customers who purchase Bento 3 at an Apple store or other retailer can request a $AU25/$NZ30 rebate online. Customers who have purchased Bento 2 between August 30, 2009 and October 14, 2009 are eligible to receive Bento 3 for free.

A 30-day trial version is also available at www.bentotrial.com.auBento 3 support for Bento for iPhone and iPod touchBento 1.0.3 for iPhone and iPod touch resolves compatibility issues related to Bento 3 for Mac and will be available soon. Current users of Bento for iPhone and iPod touch will see a notification on their device when the free update is available for download.Pricing and system RequirementsBento 3 is priced at $AU79 Inc GST or $AU129 Inc GST for a family pack of five licences, and is available on the FileMaker Store.

Bento 3 will also be offered at the Online Apple Store and Apple retail stores. It requires Mac OS X v.10.5.7 Leopard and will also run on the recently released OS X v.10.6 Snow Leopard on a Mac computer with an Intel PowerPC G5 or PowerPC G4 (867MHz or faster) processor.

A minimum of 512MB of RAM and 1GB of hard drive space is recommended. A CD drive is required for installation of boxed software.

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