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Bento released for iPad

Filemaker's personal database app was recently released for iPad and syncs to the desktop version of Bento. 

The application is hailed by Mashable as feeling like “Filemaker Light” and will be familiar to users who already have the application on their iPhone. 

While it is said to lack some of the power of its full-featured version, Bento for iPad is $US4.99 in the iTunes store and makes data organisations handy and easy-to-use. 

A number of new additions and features make Bento on the iPad one step up from the app on the iPhone, but the true allure of the app is in the syncing abilities with desktop versions. The sync allows users to keep their libraries and collections the same over desktop, iPhone and iPad versions. 

But the app is also useful for users who simply want a way to organise better on their iPad and don’t use the sync capabilities. The iPad app includes 25 templates, including recipes, inventory, expenses and tracking. The iPad version also allows for both portrait and landscape support and the ability to see more of an entry at first glance.   


Bento for iPad also includes the ability to send emails and browse the web without leaving the app. The iPad version allows users to see more of a single record in one glance, and has been displayed as useful for ordinary consumer organisation, such as that of recipes and music. 

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