Best of both worlds

01 Jul 11

If you love restaurant food but hate the high calories, we have found the perfect solution for you. is a website for those who want to eat sensibly without compromising taste or sacrificing their favourite fat and calorie-laden favourites.
Lisa Lillien (aka Hungry Girl) is a New York Times bestselling author and the creator of the Hungry Girl brand.  She considers herself a "foodologist” because, in her own words, she is "obsessed with food –– how wonderful it is, and how much of it I can eat and still fit into my pants.”
The HungryGirl website takes your favourite generic restaurant meals (like pizza, macaroni and cheese and fudge brownie cake) and even some recipes based on specific menu items at popular restaurants, and transforms them into an equally delicious but much healthier version of themselves. The recipes are quick, easy and provide full nutritional information including calories per serving, fat content and WeightWatchers points.
You can browse the website for recipe ideas, nutrition tips and advice, polls and reviews and even "survival strategies for the weekend.” Those who cook on a regular basis can also subscribe (for free!) to receive daily "recipe of the day” emails from Lillien herself.

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