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Best of the net 2011

Know Your Meme, the website which charts cultural phenomena being tossed around the internet, has published its list of the top 10 memes for 2011, based on poll results, site analytical data, and keyword search comparisons.

Taking out the number one spot was Rebecca Black and her pop single Friday, which garnered a staggering 169 million views after being distributed as the embodiment of everything that’s wrong with modern music. 

First World Problems, a phrase used to draw attention to modern inconveniences and their insignificance compared to problems in less affluent parts of the world, was second, while Occupy Wall Street and associated memes like Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop was third.

Planking, which Know Your Meme recognises as having its origins in Australia and New Zealand, was fourth, recognised for spawning similar photography fads like owling and horsemanning.


Scumbag Steve, X all the Y, Nope! Chuck Testa, Nyan Cat, 60s Spiderman and My Little Pony finished off the list; any you don’t recognise you can read about here.


In New Zealand, of course, we had our own memes, such as Nek Minnit and anything involving Piri Weepu – which were your favourites? Post your comments below.

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