19 Apr 2012
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Bethesda's Dishonored a steampunk sensation

Social media punters went mental this week, as several news websites reported a tweeted-image from Bethesda as the first peek at some Skyrim DLC.

They quickly retracted that opinion when Bethesda released the trailer to upcoming Neo-Victorian (I know, right?) stealth action-game, Dishonored.

Currently in development by Arkane Studios, Dishonored is slated for a late-2012 release – and based on the debut trailer, it looks pretty epic.

Once the trusted bodyguard of the Empress, you are framed for her murder and forced into the life of a notorious assassin.

I’ve got time-a-plenty for this one, because a. Bethesda haven’t done much wrong lately, and b. it looks like Blade Runner and Sherlock Holmes’s hybrid-cyborg love-child. In other words, the most awesome thing in the world ever.

Included in the development team is Harvey Smith, one of the designers behind the Deus Ex franchise.

Skyrim-esque features include an open-world format, while Fallout fans will be happy to know in-game decisions will affect how future events pan out.

The main character, Corvo, has access to swords and daggers, as well as old-school muskets and a vast array of super-natural powers including the ability to freeze time. Just casually.

A super-natural Assassin’s Creed meets the stealth of Metal Gear Solid 4 crossed with Skyrim? It’s certainly promising a lot.

Check out the lengthy trailer below and let us know your first impressions – are you sold on Bethesda’s latest offering?

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