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Beyonce Knowles has not died

Spammers latch onto the strangest of things in their continued effort to spread viruses using HTML or zipped attachments. The latest trend concerns the false reporting of famous celebrities who have died.

Virus watchdog Symantec says that using the fake deaths of world famous celebrities has become a very popular ploy to lure you into opening poisonous attachments or clicking on dodgy links.

As a result of the growing trend, it’s named the celebrities most used in these fake emails. Don’t worry, at time of writing they were all alive and well.

Beyonce Knowles died
Bon Jovi died
Brad Pitt died
Cameron Diaz died
David Beckham died
Gwen Stefani died
Jay-Z died
Jennifer Aniston died
Jennifer Lopez died
Johnny Depp died
Justin Timberlake died
Kanye West died
Miley Cyrus died
Nicole Kidman died
Ronaldinho died
Tiger Woods died
Tom Cruise died

“Spammers create curiosity in their messages to interest and provoke recipients to open and install executable files,” the firm warns. “They also use reputable brand names, such as a well known news agency, and celebrity names to gain credibility and the recipient’s trust. Users should follow standard practices of not opening any suspicious links and attachments received in unsolicited mail from an unexpected source.”

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