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BioWare unveils The Exiled Prince

11 Jan 11

BioWare has announced The Exiled Prince, which it describes as a three-mission digital content pack for Dragon Age II.

If you pre-order the game before January 12 (today) you’ll get the pack for free when Dragon Age II launches across Australia and New Zealand on March 10th.

Other goodies included in the upgrade are the game’s digital soundtrack and an exclusive in-game digital armoury featuring a variety of in-game weapons.

If you don’t fancy pre-ordering just yet, The Exiled Prince will be available to buy separately for 560 Microsoft Points at launch.

According to BioWare, “The Exiled Prince introduces the noble archer Sebastian Vael, with players joining him in the middle of his quest to avenge the brutal murder of his family. Sworn to the priesthood as a boy, Sebastian is forced to re-enter the viper's nest of princely politics when his family is brutally murdered, leaving him as the sole surviving heir. Banding together with Sebastian and his unshakable loyalty and excellent aim, players will choose to either avenge Sebastian's murdered family to reclaim his title or direct his holy vengeance on their enemies in Kirkwall. In addition to this action-packed storyline, players will also be able to enlist Sebastian as a follower throughout a majority of Dragon Age II.”

Look out for Dragon Age II on PlayStation 3, 360 and PC from March 10th.