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BlackBerry smartphone takes aim at gamers

Rumours are spreading like wildfire as to whom Blackberry are targeting their new handset at.

The A10 flagship device is going bigger and bolder and "will be the most powerful Blackberry handset ever" according to BGR.com.

Combine that with the spec rumours floating around the web that the device will have a Super AMOLED 5” display, dual-core processor, vastly improved battery life and the possibility of 2GB of RAM.

Other rumours suggest that Blackberry is waiting on It does breathe life into the theory that Blackberry is looking at gamers and media users rather than their current core business users.

BGR.com also suggests that Blackberry will look to highlight the A10’s gaming potential at the time of launch.

Although Blackberry is not renowned for its history of gaming titles available, they have been working to quickly catch up with the competition – although time will tell if this is a step to far for the smartphone manufacturer.

With the A10 set to be the last handset released in 2013 (rumoured to be November) the hope appears to be that while mobile gaming will not set it apart from other mobiles it will put it on a level field with other flagship devices and help it to compete with them in 2014.

Will attracting gamers help boost flagging BlackBerry sales? Tell us your thoughts below

David Williams

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