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Bodycount demo now on Xbox Live

The demo for Codemasters’ over-the-top action shooter Bodycount is now available for Xbox 360 owners to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The Bodycount demo allows Xbox 360 owners to try out the game’s particular brand of outrageously larger-than-life first person shooter action. Bodycount shies away from the contemporary shooters in that it encourages gung-ho gameplay. The game rewards players for Rambo-like run-and-gun tactics rather than punishing them. No need to peek and creep with Bodycount, just break from cover, pick your targets and rack up the corpses.

"Fans should expect a lot of mayhem, a lot of destruction, fun, fast paced arcade action,” says Max Cant, Art Director.

"It’s much more of an A-Team experience than some sort of dour, self-obsessed, self-important thing. If you want to have fun, play Bodycount.”

The demo takes players though the early stages of the game’s African missions. As a network operative, players are charged with tracking down a militia warlord responsible for the slaughter of an allied combat unit. The target is located in a shanty town that is also an active warzone.

Players are in the middle of a war, but they won’t be picking sides or anything complex like that; if it breathes, you shoot it before it shoots you. Easy. Players will, however, need to choose the method of deadly dispatch from a mighty arsenal of weapons including the G36 SMG, Super 90 Shotgun, grenades and proximity mines. The more creative players can utilise the generous number of red drums to spice up the mayhem with some pyrotechnics.

The higher the body-count, the more intel tokens dropped. When collected, players can use intel for boosts, weapon upgrades or support actions. Chaining kills and performing skill shots, such as blind fire and headshots, reward players with extra intel and large mission scores.

PlayStation 3 fans needn’t despair as a demo for their console is apparently on its way. Bodycount will be unleashed in stores for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 2. Check out the trailer for the demo below.

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