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Boiling Point: Road to Hell

The story begins when Kevin Myers receives a call from the magazine his daughter works for. He is told that she hasn’t been heard from in over ten days, after visiting in Colombia for her journalist investigation. This may sound like a Sylvester Stallone movie, but this is the setting for this jaw-dropping first-person shooter - as you search the lush jungles and city-scapes for your daughter.
The level sizes in the game are huge and daunting, but there are various vehicles to get you around including: helicopters, different kind of cars and even tanks. All of them are drivable. Unlike your typical FPS game, you will need to talk with many people to gather necessary information and these people will not be always friendly to you. There are no predefined enemies in the game and most of the characters are neutral to you at the start, but actually, there are six sides in the game: officials, guerrilla, narco mafia, Indian, bandits and CIA. When you chose to help one of the sides, you inevitably spoil your relationships with others.

Developer Deep Shadows’ innovative game engine streams the beautifully rendered environment, creating a non-linear gameplay experience, with no loading times or separate levels - which literally span hundreds of miles. The wide open game world features an array of different AI factions with which the player can interact, and hundreds of diverse missions with a vast array of weaponry available to create an original experience each time the game is played.  

Atari executive producer Peter Wyse states:
“Boiling Point takes two successful genres - shooter and RPG - and does a really nice job mixing them together so that the gunplay is not the primary focus of the game. It is also very interesting in general to play a shooter in a huge, persistent world, which is an original aspect of this title. The great balance of elements, such as managing inventory and constantly changing relationships, is done very successfully and makes for a shooter with much more depth than gamers traditionally expect.”

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