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Boiling Point

The storyline in Boiling Point isn’t what I’d describe as “engaging,” but it sets the stage for the beginning of the game. The player assumes the role of Saul Myers, a member of the Foreign Legion whose daughter, a journalist working in the fictional country of Realia (a country that appears to be modelled after Columbia), is kidnapped by an unknown party while working on a news story.

This leads Myers, complete with his alcoholic, violent past to show up in the town with nothing but a few possessions and a wad of bills. Getting information in Puerto Sombra is expensive and in order to find out more about the whereabouts of Saul’s daughter, the player must complete missions for the competing factions operating in the region. Realian guerillas, Realian Army officials, leaders of the “Coca Mafia,” and CIA agents (as well as representatives of other groups) will all attempt to retain Saul’s services.  Although a bit of variety can be found in the missions, most of them involve assassinations, “fetch quests,” or escort duty.

In terms of graphics, the game offers weather cycles, day/night cycles, and a huge “sandbox” packed with foliage and ready for exploration. However, the day/night cycle has little effect on gameplay and weather effects appear primarily in the form of intermittent rainfall - but it is certainly pleasant to look at. The game area is quite large and gives the gamer free-roaming over where they want to explore, whether it be through jungle or run-down towns and villages. Another attempt to present a “living, breathing world” in the game can be seen in the roadblocks and gunfights that appear on the roads surrounding Puerto Sombra. However, the frequency with which these events occur causes them to lose their effect; when a gunfight between the Mafia and government forces takes place each time I drive down a certain segment of road, the event loses whatever impact it might have had. That brings us to the next impressive feature of Boiling Point - the vehicles. There is a huge assortment of cars, trucks, tanks and even helicopters for you to get into and drive, many of which are essential to getting around or for mission completion.

The game also keeps track of character statistics and skills that allow you to manage certain types of weapon, tools, etc. Physical ratings such as fatigue, physical strength, alcohol/drug addiction all play a factor as well as you progress through the game. However, many of the parameters seem either irrelevant or cumbersome. A 99% fatigue rating didn’t seem to cause me any trouble while walking across a 4-kilometer span and carrying several rifles, sidearms, grenades, and syringes.

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