FutureFive NZ - Boost for young Kiwis as Tech Shed builds digital futures

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Boost for young Kiwis as Tech Shed builds digital futures

Kiwi youth now have the opportunity to create their own futures with the launch of the new High Tech Youth Network’s Tech Shed.

The Tech Shed will provide opportunities for social enterprise development in the community, by connecting youth members with mentors in order to develop digital and business skills.

The Tech Shed was officially opened by Jim Donegan, the United States Consul General, at its Studio MPHS site operated by the McLaren Park & Henderson South Community Trust.

“This 21st century ‘Kiwi shed’ reflects the creativity of New Zealanders and those in the broader Pacific region, of which the United States is a part,” Jim Donegan says.

“We’re proud to be associated with this project; educational models like this will produce the Sam Morgans of our future.”

Donegan made the first donation to the project of recyclable hardware for youth to pull apart and re-engineer.

He says that the US Embassy and American companies in New Zealand are long-time supporters of the High Tech Youth Network.

At the heart of the High Tech Youth Network Tech Shed is the aim to synthesize technology knowledge into social and commercial enterprises that sustain and provide economically for individuals, families and communities.

Members will connect with industry and business networks in order to support their concept development and build business acumen. The Tech Shed reflects the current trend of the ‘maker movement’, which extends DIY culture through the use of technology.

The High Tech Youth Network is celebrating its tenth birthday this year, as it continues to empower young people through the use of digital creative technology to build a thriving 21st century learning environment.

The High Tech Youth Network studios offer a learning environment that is outside the school, and that combines elements of an artist’s studio, inventor’s workshop, TV newsroom, architect’s studio, robotics lab and music studio.

“We realised that a number of youth were ready to explore setting up their own digital business, says Mike Usmar, High Tech Youth Network’s CEO.

“So our goal now is to add Tech Sheds to all current and new High Tech Youth Studios across the region to promote new social and economic opportunities as a way of transforming underserved communities from the inside out.”

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