Borderlands 2 borderline best-seller

25 Sep 12

With the bigger game releases of the year kicking off for the Christmas market, Borderlands 2 has caused a re-shuffle in the best-sellers chart.

The massively popular space-western-FPS game from 2K Games has sold 4,000 more copies than previous 2012 chart-topper Mass Effect 3, according to UK market research company Chart-track

Successor to the 2009 Borderlands, Borderlands 2 has outsold its successor by more than four times at launch and the original game attracted more attention after its release through word of mouth and excellent downloadable content.

The most popular platform for the game is the Xbox 360, accounting for 71% of the sales, while the PS3 gets just 22%, followed by the PC with 7%.

Sales might seem impressive, but this year has been pretty damn lethargic in terms of AAA releases – and with FIFA 13 releasing in just a few days, don’t expect Borderlands 2 to hold onto to the top spot for any length of time.

It appears a lot of publishers have been holding back games for a Christmas release, considering this year has seen the release of very few big games so far; coming up for release are titles like Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed III and Dishonored, all of which could be expected to knock Borderlands 2 off its perch.

But which will it be? Let us know which game you think will be the best-selling title released this year.

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