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Genre: Puzzle
From: Number None
Classification: G

Hi, my name is Michael and I’m addicted to puzzle games. Admitting I‘m powerless to resist puzzle games is the first step to recovery. The problem is that every few months a game pops up out of the blue that spins my wheels. In Braid you play Tim, a guy who stuffed up and lost the love of his life. Now you’re trying to redeem yourself by saving your little sister from an evil monster. Okay, so the story is a little weird, but just go with it. This is basically a 2D platform game like in the good old days of the Sega Megadrive. You have a Jump button, an Action button and a Time button. Initially, I thought the Time button was for rewinding time to rectify a mistake and attempt the move again, but quickly discovered it’s more like time manipulation. For example, glowing green objects aren’t affected by the Time button and you’re faced with two doors - one of which is glowing green. You need to open both doors but you can only find one key. If you use that key you’ll no longer have it for the next door. To solve the problem you open the green glowing door first, then hit the Time button. Time will reverse, giving you back the key, but because the door was glowing green it remains open. Confused? Trust me - if you like puzzle games, Braid is the real deal. It gets far more complicated than this and in one particular level the Time function creates a shadow of yourself from the future which can do tasks while you’re doing something else. It’s freaky stuff and every puzzle you see for the first time seems impossible, but once you get to grips with the level it all fits into place. Don’t be put off by the arty pastel graphics. Download the demo to give it a try because this game is very addictive.

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