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Breach in the Matrix with Epoc Headset

If you thought the Matrix and all its sci-fi gadgets was cool then you are going to love the new mind controlled gaming headset, The Epoc. You heard right, as well as looking like a costuming element from the Matrix; the Epoc has the ability to read brainwaves, as well as sensing emotions and body movements. The Epoc uses 14 sensors to measure unique brainwave signatures that are produced by thoughts, so to control your gaming character all you have to do is think of the movement you want it to make and the Epoc will translate this, letting your on-screen character know what it needs to do next. But wait, there’s more! As mentioned above, the Epoc is designed to pick up on emotional states, recognizing how the gamer is feeling and in turn, translating this to the on-screen character, who will respond ‘empathetically.’   According to commentary, the Epoc is not difficult to use and requires minimal training and instructions. A "simple, on-screen guided initial set-up and learning procedure, to ensure that all 14 sensory are correctly positioned and making adequate electrical contact with the users head” is all that is required. Emotiv Research Manager and CTO Geoff Mackeller believes that the new technology will enable gamers to fully interact with the virtual world through their thoughts alone, which will provide a vast and much richer gaming experience than we’ve ever seen before. "It might be just what the gaming market needs to take it to the next, ‘must have’ product level,” Mackeller says. Co-Founder and President of Emotiv Tan Le believes that The Epoc represents so much more than this and has the potential to "transform the way that we interact with all machines in the future.” For 300 dollars, you can buy your very own Matrix-esque mind controlled gaming headgear. Included in that price is software to ensure the Epoc’s compatibility with other software that was not initially designed to be played by the brain, and a specially designed game, created to show the brain harnessing power of the Epoc. The Epoc is, in a sci-fi kind of way, cool-looking and the idea really is cutting edge and reasonably well thought out. However, as with any innovative design, there are questions that remain unanswered (for example, some information on basic controls and efficiency of commands). But the idea is novel and definitely worth a try, and the fact that this kind of technology exists in the mainstream shows just how far we have come.