Bruce Willis considering Apple legal action?

04 Sep 12

Bruce Willis is rumoured to be considering legal action against Apple over leaving his iTunes collection to family members when he dies, news his wife has denied.

The Hollywood actor expressed his wish to pass on his entire music library - believed to be huge - to his daughters Rumor, Scout and Tallulah after he dies but has faced problems from iTunes rules.

iTunes customers are only allowed to 'borrow' tracks as opposed to owning them outright, but Willis has allegedly spent thousands on his collection and is keen to keep them in the family.

The actor is rumoured to be asking his legal team to suggest to Apple that family trusts could be the 'holders' of his downloaded music but at present the world's most valuable company freezes the account of users they believe to be passing on music.

However the news was disputed by the Die Hard actor's wife Emma Hemming-Willis who tweeted 'not a true story.'

But irrelevant of the credibility of the story it raises valid arguments about current iTunes rules, with the debate expected to continue online as the tech sites bite their teeth into another Apple 'rumour'.

Do you think users should be allowed to pass on music in their will? Tell us your thoughts below.

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