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Buzz Junior: Dino Den – PS2

The previous Buzz Junior game, Buzz Junior Robo Jam, didn’t exactly set the world on fire with innovation. It was merely a simple rehash of everything that the first Buzz Junior game did well. Many saw the Buzz Junior franchise heading the same basic way as SingStar did; same game, different name. Well, imagine their surprise when Buzz Junior Dino Den rolls around and offers something (slightly) different.

The Buzz Junior series of games are some of the simplest and most effective games around. Easy to understand controls means that anyone, not just those reared on SpongeBob and Naruto, can jump right into the game and partake. The buzzers included with the bundled version are ridiculously simple to use and there is very little needed in the way of explanation before jumping into some multiplayer action.

This time around the theme of the game revolves around dinosaurs, which allows the developers a little bit of thematic play, although it doesn’t come out looking all that different from the previous two. The biggest addition to the gameplay this time round comes in the form of team play.

As the name suggests, Team Play allows two players to team up and compete against another two across ten rounds to see who the best team is. This slight change allows for a lot of gameplay that effectively makes Buzz Junior: Dino Den the best Buzz Junior yet.

Add to this 35 other mini-games and you’ve got enough to last for even the most hardcore multiplayer gaming families for the foreseeable future, although playing by yourself is a non-event.

The Buzz series is one of Sony’s flagship party games, with a great range of titles to appeal to every sector of the gaming community; if you’ve got a group of mates drunk enough to want to play with dinosaurs, you could do worse than pick yourself up a copy.

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