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01 Oct 08
Genre: Trivia
Players: Up to six
Classification: G

Question: What’s compact, white and shiny and contains 3000 trivia questions?
Answer: Your PSP with Buzz: Master Quiz.
Buzz: Master Quiz is the PSP version of its big brother on the PS2. The structure of the game is very similar to that of the PS2 version, minus the fun plastic buzzer controllers. After creating your character, you’re thrown into one of three quiz rounds: Snapshot Challenge, Top Rank Challenge and Quickfire Movie Challenge. The simple goal is to answer questions correctly in order to gain points and defeat your opponents. Snapshot Challenge displays a panel of squares that slowly reveal a larger image beneath. Your goal is to guess what the image is with the least amount of squares revealed. Top Rank Challenge requires you to guess the order of things (size, length, chronological order, etc). Quickfire Movie Challenge is a race against time to answer 15 questions as fast as possible. Bonus areas are unlocked when you perform well.
Without the iconic buzzers, I felt that Buzz: Master Quiz was seriously lacking in atmosphere and didn’t have the same competitive feel that the series is known for. Although it does come with the option to connect wirelessly with other PSP users, taking the buzzers out of Buzz is like taking the ‘F’ out of fun; you’re left with half a game.

Buzz: Master Quiz on PSP is a much different beast than it is on PS2. It’s a game for hardcore quizmasters who care more about the questions than having fun. For everyone else, my suggestion is to stick with the non-portable versions of Buzz.

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