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Buzz: Quiz World

Quiz games can all be pretty similar when you think about it; all you need to do is answer a series of questions correctly. Buzz: Quiz World is the latest addition to Sony's famed quiz series, and while it doesn't completely revolutionise the genre, it provides a tonne of new questions, new games and new features.
Presentation seems to be the key factor that separates this title from its predecessors. The atmosphere and overall feel of the game is true to those cheesy game shows seen on television. But believe me, despite the intentionally lame atmosphere of the game, this title is still a blast to play, especially with a group of friends and/or family.   
The main objective of any trivia-style game is to answer all the questions correctly. However, Buzz: Quiz World adds a layer of mayhem and suspense to your average quiz game. Such hilarity is evident when you play a game that allows you to throw a pie at your opponents’ faces. Other games include stealing your opponent’s points, Fastest Finger, and the final elimination round. It’s funny, however, that none of the games actually requires you  to ‘buzz’ at all. Mostly, they allow each player to at least attempt the questions being asked. This is a good thing, by the way; you wouldn’t want the same person buzzing in all the time now, would you?
Although Buzz: Quiz World is best played as a multiplayer game, there is a single-player mode for those who want to go at it alone. It’s nothing particularly interesting, as you’re only answering questions to get the highest score, although you can also opt to test your knowledge against players around the world via online play too.
Buzz: Quiz World is great fun and appropriate for the whole family. The topics cover everything from 60s music to David Beckham, and if the 5000 questions become repetitive, you can download new ones to keep things fresh and exciting.  

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