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Buzz! The Mega Quiz – PS2

When it debuted on the market in late 2005 Buzz! The Music Quiz made a huge splash in the party games Jacuzzi. With its purpose-built buzzers, hilarious character stereotypes and irreverent humour it managed to poke some light hearted fun at the TV game show genre whilst enabling punters to show off their music trivia prowess. Relentless Software followed up on their popular music-themed quiz with a general knowledge title, and later that same year, a sports-themed one. Buzz! The BIG Quiz featured questions across four subject categories and therefore held broader appeal to the gaming public, whereas Buzz! The Sports Quiz – like the original music quiz - was far more specialised.  With Buzz! The Mega Quiz we’ve returned to the Trivial Pursuit style of play, this time with even more subject categories on offer.
For Buzz! The Mega Quiz Buzz and Rose reprise their roles as the glib, muppet-like host and his glamorous assistant.  Some of the core competitors also return for another crack at game show glory, and as we’ve come to expect there are several new faces in the pool of contestants.  Gameplay and the game show format remain unchanged apart from some new round types and features, which include being able to set the difficulty level and adjust your game’s length to suit.
The multiplayer game is as strong as ever, with several options available to players depending on the type of game they want to play.  The questions are varied and include a selection of music and video clips, as well as loads of still photos.
There’s nothing groundbreaking as far as sound and graphics are concerned, however since the previous Buzz! games have successfully nailed the look and feel of a cheesy game show set there’s little need for innovation beyond the new rounds, questions and characters that accompanies each subsequent title. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?
So is Buzz! The Mega Quiz worthy of your hard-earned moolah… or at least a look-see at the rental store?  Definitely! The multi-category questions have a much broader scope than the specialised Buzz! titles (sports and music); and being able to adjust the difficulty level makes the game attractive to a wider age and ability range. 

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