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Buzz! The Sports Quiz

By Contributor, 01 Dec 2006
FYI, this story is more than a year old

This game is surely a must for sports aficionados. It offers a wealth of content, including hundreds of fixed images and video clips spread between local and world sporting stars and heroes from past and present day. Clips feature World Cup and Olympic moments as well as other sporting events across the globe.

The Buzz ‘studio’ has been transformed as well; an indoor sports arena now greets contestants when they leave the locker room to face the camera, lights and audience. It has support for up to 8 players and there are 10 rounds to battle through, including Spin and World of Sport, Finish Line, Estimation and old Buzz favourites like Points Builder & Pass the Bomb.

Buzz Sports also brings back some of your favourite Buzz characters kitted up in different sports attire, Disco Stevie as a Basketball player, Gina as a tennis player and Pelvis as a darts player, to name just a few. The total number of questions in The Sports Quiz comes to about 5,500, with 600 images and 150 video clips also stored on the DVD – and all questions are suitable for both hardcore sports fans and more casual contestants. This game aims to offer something for just about everyone this Christmas.

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