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Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer component detailed

Following on from the Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer reveal trailer (where explosive RC cars and Theatre Mode were revealed for the first time), Treyarch and Activision have revealed even more details of the multiplayer component of its upcoming first-person shooter.

One of the first major additions is that 'bots' will be included for the first time in a Call of Duty title in the game's new Combat-Training mode. For the uninitiated, this means that the player no longer has to play the competitive multiplayer modes against real people online, and they can set up AI-controlled adversaries. Treyarch told press at the event that the reason for the inclusion of bots is that a reported 30% of Call of Duty players never play the game online. The inclusion of bots will effectively allow players to participate in 'multiplayer' matches on their own or with a group of friends only; perfect for those sick of the racist, smack-talking players you invariably encounter online.

Black Ops will also introduce what Treyarch refers to as Wager Matches: players can effectively gamble the credit they've earned against other players, with the top three players on the leaderboard sharing the pot.

There are four different types of Wager Match. The first is called One in the Chamber: players spawn with a pistol loaded with only one bullet and three lives. Killing another player allows you to take their bullet. Run out of ammo, however, and you'll be stuck with melee attacks only.

The second match type is Sticks and Stones: players spawn with a crossbow, a ballistic knife and a tomahawk, and can instantly render an opponent bankrupt by hitting a player with their tomahawk.

Third is simply called Gun Game: the player starts with a low-level weapon and earns better weaponry incrementally with each kill. The first to progress through the entire series wins, but be warned: if another player manages to knife you, you get set back one tier!

Finally, there's Sharp Shooter: players begin a match with the same weapon (selected at random). You earn a perk with each kill, and the weapons will switch (again, at random) after a set amount of time.

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