FutureFive NZ - Call Of Duty: Black Ops official - first trailer

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops official - first trailer

Click through for your first look at Treyarch's next entry in the COD franchise.

Over the weekend the very first slice of footage was released for the next Call Of Duty game, which has already been confirmed as landing on November 11, 2010. And it looks like the World War II setting has finally been put to bed.

There’s no concrete info on what theatre of war Call Of Duty: Black Ops will take place in, but there are plenty of clues revealed in the footage. You can check out the official website here.

The clip shows secret stuff going on in a lab and hints that it could be set in Vietnam. There's even some mean gunship piloting to be seen. People have even mentioned space as a possible setting. Could this be Call Of Duty: Moonraker?

Take a look at the footage below and let us know what you think.

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