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Call of Duty Elite beta (Xbox 360 only)
Wed, 15th Jun 2011
FYI, this story is more than a year old

An Xbox 360 Call of Duty Elite beta round is open for sign ups at callofduty.com/elite.

As we wrote earlier this month, Call of Duty Elite matches social networking and online gaming.

CoD Elite has three main features/services:

  • Connect: Call of Duty Elite players can compete against friends, players of similar skill levels and players with similar interests, join groups, join clans and play in organised tournaments. They can also track the performance, progress and activity of their entire network, both in the game itself, as well as through mobile and web interfaces. Elite will be an "always on" way for players to connect with the Call of Duty community.
  • Compete: Players will have available a constant stream of events and competitions, tiered to group them with those with similar abilities. Both in-game and real-world prizes will be rewarded to all skill levels.
  • Improve: Players will be provided with a dynamic strategy guide that tracks statistics and performances down to the most minute details. It can show gamers how they stack up against their friends or others in the community. Tools and information are provided so players can learn and up their game.